Winery of the Month: Champagne Krug

June with Remi Krug

June with Remi Krug

Our featured winery is Champagne Krug. If you have never experienced this incomparable nectar, I can only say that it is indescribable. So, you must try it for yourself so you can see.

Champagne Krug was established in 1843 in Reims, by Johann-Joseph Krug from Mayence. He established the uncompromising philosophy and distinctive style that has been maintained through the generations. Krug is still a family-run winery. Remi Krug is the current President of Champagne Krug.

After enjoying Champagne for a long time, I was introduced to Champagne Krug only a few years ago. Krug falls into the category of rich, full-bodied Champagne that I prefer. Although its price will keep most of us from indulging very frequently, it provides a pleasure of the most divine order. I highly recommend that you treat yourself to some soon. A votre Sante!

“I tasted — careless — then–
I did not know the Wine
Came once a World–Did you?”
–Emily Dickinson

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