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I Love Lemons

Lemons may be the most underestimated and underrated of all fruit.  When someone is asked to name their favorite fruit, how often do you hear the answer: lemons?

I’m not even sure I thought of lemons as a “fruit” when I was a child back in Chicago, Illinois.  Sure, we enjoyed glasses of cold, sweet lemonade on hot  summer afternoons (always made from freshly squeezed lemons, there was none of that powdered stuff back then). We even sold the beverage from a little stand in front of our apartment building, but no one we knew ever actually ATE a lemon!

And I remember my dad once made a Caesar Salad in our big mahogany bowl. I watched in amazement as he rubbed the bowl with garlic. He mashed an anchovy, then squeezed the lemon and made a paste before adding the olive oil.  Tossed with crisp romaine leaves, it was a delight for my young taste buds.  I can’t imagine Caesar Salad without that burst of lemon. Read more »

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