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Winery of the Month: Champagne Krug

June with Remi Krug

June with Remi Krug

Our featured winery is Champagne Krug. If you have never experienced this incomparable nectar, I can only say that it is indescribable. So, you must try it for yourself so you can see.

Champagne Krug was established in 1843 in Reims, by Johann-Joseph Krug from Mayence. He established the uncompromising philosophy and distinctive style that has been maintained through the generations. Krug is still a family-run winery. Remi Krug is the current President of Champagne Krug. Read more »

Serving Champagne

Champagne (along with other sparkling wines) is the most celebratory of beverages. Although Champagne can turn any day into a party, Americans have been conditioned to think it is only for “Special Occasions.” Not necessarily so… It’s the wine that goes with everything, so when in doubt, you cannot go wrong to choose a sparkling wine. Read more »

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