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Hi June,

Love the book. Cooking for some of us is a passion that comes from the soul, not all “professionals” have this and not all who have this passion are professional cooks. Your book is the rare find that will inspire those individuals who are in constant search for “feeding” that passion. In short this is a book that I shall recommend to all those I come in contact with.

Lee Lippert, Owner, www.seafoodbuynet.com

Dear June:

I wanted to thank you for the great fun I’ve had with your cookbook. David and I are dividing our time between Chicago and our home in Maine, and I like your book so much that I actually carry it back and forth with me.

Polly Goldman

…I turned to your recipe book yesterday to make my very first turkey…my friend’s trip was fairly impromptu so I had to simultaneously cook and clean yesterday since I didn’t take any time off of work to prepare…so I didn’t follow everything to the letter but my turkey came out delicious anyway. That Creole butter is a cool thing. AND I made your garlic mashed potatoes as well and those were a cinch and also divine…it would never have occurred to me to boil the cloves with the potatoes! Well, I am very much a live garlic kind of person but that was so easy and flavorful. So thank you, June, for my Christmas dinner! I don’t cook enough but the thing is that I really enjoy it and find it very therapeutic so I’m going to be turning to your recipe book soon this January!

Trinette Tatomer

Dear June:

Am already enjoying the cookbook!  I made the Sticky Orange Wings on Monday.  My husband raved!  Thanks!

Cookie Coogan

Congratulations on the new Website!

Having been in the select group to accompany Chef June on Feastivals’ first annual trip to the Burgundy region of France, I can recommend it highly.  It was a great combination of food, wine, art, history, music and superb scenery.  Simply put, a FEASTIVAL for the senses.

The cooking classes, particularly with Jean-Michel Lorain, owner and chef of La Cote St. Jacques in Joigny, were memorable.  The class on wine tasting and tour of the vineyards conducted by the Burgundy Wine Growers Association were extremely informative.

Wishing you continued success.
Best Regards.
Maria Kakolyris

Dear June,

Hope you arrived home safely. We really enjoyed meeting you and look forward to keeping in touch.

Dinner was fabulous and our friends enjoyed learning how to cook. The neighborhood has been abuzz with stories of remakes of the beef and chicken dishes …and everyone, I think, has frozen the cake!

Thanks again for your time and for putting so much into the lesson! We really appreciate it.

Diane Sullivan

Dear June,

Your course was truly enjoyable – Your helpful hints and explanations added to the educational process. In addition the choice of entrees were a treat for me, for I spend more time with chicken. My husband also thanks you!

Pamela J. Bakos


Dear June,

I want to thank you for the wonderful Passover desserts class you gave. I made the chocolate mousse, the poached pears (with a raspberry sauce), the banana-nut sponge cake, and the coconut macaroons. I tried the chocolate macaroons too but they weren’t as good as the coconut ones. Those were a real hit!

Nechama Lamm

Dear June,

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoyed the Basic Cooking series. I made the cheese and vegetable souffle Friday night and what a success! I never thought I’d be hand-beating egg whites and creating beautiful souffles.

Jennifer Witt Smith.

P.S. I’m so used to listening to Joe Williams while we cooked that I now want a CD. What do you recommend?



Your kind package was/is sinfully delicious, not to mention intoxicating. A thousand thanks, but I hope you know that you really weren’t expected to reciprocate. Anyway, I never had better brownies (I think Gertrude Stein would have agreed)–really!


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